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Monday, November 20, 2006

I was the filling in a magnetic burrito, Or, My mri

So it went well today. I was brave. I went to my appt. by myself due to some unforeseen stomach bugs of my friend Teresa. Poor thing, she puked twice in thirty minutes once it hit her.

My original appt. was for Friday, but Fridays are my busiest days at work so I rescheduled for today. When I checked in, the place was packed. I found out that the machine had broke down on Friday and all appts for Fri. were rescheduled for today. I'm glad that I missed that headache. I would've thought that it was a sign or something and may not have went back.

They had me take out my nose ring, everything off from the waist up and into a scrub top. The techs asked me why I was there and once they heard vertigo, they were so sympathetic. They had both had it and were so sorry that I'd had it for over a year. I loved the psych. pats for being so brave. They also told me that I was doing such a good job during the scan. I told them that it was relaxing compared to 2 kids at home.

I never really felt too closed in except for one time when I opened my eyes and really saw how small the space was. The mirror didn't really help either, it confused me more than anything. They did a great job at telling me which sounds were coming and how long they would last. During one of the segments I thought that my ear would pulse off but I was ok.

They had me pick a station to listen to on the headphones and I picked our local hiphop station. There were a couple songs by Beyonce/Sean Paul, and also the one that starts, "Convict, music" which will now be know as the mri soundtrack.

So, 3 business days until results, so with the holiday, I'm thinking next week.

As far as my dad memories were concerned, it was totally different as I remembered that they were in major construction while he was there. I felt like I was in a totally different place. Also, my tech seemed unconcerned after the scan as well. My dad's tech just shook her head and smiled a sad smile after his. I'd forgotten that until today.

Thanks for all of the good vibes! Keep 'em comin'!

Now to do some research on keeping the panic at bay until the results come in. I'll publish them over on my fertility site. The link is on the sidebar!

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MP2 said...

They covered my eyes with a little mask - not so for you?

Concentrate on enjoying the long weekend, and the three days will be up before you know it.

I'm proud of you!