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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Driving day

Here are the places that I went yesterday in order

  1. Alexy's house to pick up carpool

  2. Ivy's school

  3. spa to give a massage

  4. coffee house for a steamer

  5. Alexy's house for meeting

  6. day care to give breaks

  7. drop off Bec art class

  8. coffee house to pick up lattes for sis and cousin

  9. didn't drive to myonox right here

  10. day care to give another break

  11. Pick up Becken from art class

  12. day care to drop off Bec

  13. Jaiden's baseball game

  14. deli to drop off spa poster

  15. bookstore to drop off spa poster

  16. day care to pick up kids

  17. home

  18. rite aid

Seriously. Woops! Add in the grocery store after #10

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