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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paying the Piper, cont.

Becken. He did so great in the chair! Such a brave boy, but his teeth are a mess. The doctor said that he has 5 cavities that are in between his teeth and they are recommending that 3 of his back teeth be crowned with the silver crowns. I'm freaking the F out! Chris is going to spaz out and I'm dreading it.

As you all know, I'm not much of a disciplinarian or much of a person that follows through. And of course, teeth brushing falls into this catergory quite a bit. Chris sets out their toothbrushes every morning, but they don't get brushed every morning. I'm pretty lax about it all and now it's coming to bite me. HARD!!

A lot of this has to do with the fact that Bec saw a dentist a year and a half ago and said that he was doing fine. So I relaxed and didn't see the need to be so Nazi about it all. But now we are at a new dentist and their opinion is pretty dire. Maybe it's all subjective?

Another reason for this freak out has to do with my guilt. I forget that Bec isn't biologically related to me. I felt that his teeth were just like ours, but they aren't. and I'm mad at myself for not taking care of my child. And I feel so guilty.

Lastly is the price, which I don't even know what the cost will be, but I'm sure that it's more than cheap car insurance.
I'm trying to bury my head in the sand for a while on this. So not only do I feel like a bad mom, I'm paying the monetary price as well. Gross.

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Carrie said...

Annie's teeth are crap too. They haven't had to be filled yet but they have the pre-decay stuff too. We let her drink juice constantly because it aids with the constipation. Also, I nursed her at night when she was still nursing. So we totally screwed her teeth up too. I feel SOOOsosososososSO guilty about it.