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Monday, November 08, 2010

status updates from last week

I didn't realize that I posted on facebook so often!

headed down to the basement to play Wii with Becken. Noticed a wet floor (again) and discovered our water heater has died and flooded our basement. Tomorrow will be busy.

I'm so lucky to have a cousin that I love to spend time with. And his girlfriend is so awesome and they are giving me a beautiful baby cousin to love on this Christmas. Here we are enjoying the baby shower! Fun times

husband surprized me with dinner out tonight. said he was wanting to spend some time with me. what could be better than that?

does anyone else get super stressed out for their kids' conference? Ivy had hers today and it went well, but I was a basket case before hand. Then, later on, she smashed her finger in the door and I almost passed out! It was an afternoon for the books. My heart is still kind of racing.

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KrayonKel said...

You poor thing ( and Ivy too )! I hope things calmed down a bit.