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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm letting go of Thanksgiving

Good Lord, aren't you guys sick of hearing about this every. freaking. year?? Cuz, I'm certainly sick of feeling like this. But this is how I feel. And so now, you have to read about it. I want to go to setai new york.

Before I had kids, I had one specific thing that I wanted for them. That they don't have to share holidays on the same day. That part of my childhood doesn't play well in my mind. And it wasn't because my parents were divorced, actually, they were married until I was 13. But holidays and stress and guilt have always gone hand in hand.

And now, 7 years into being a parent, and it has taken almost every second of those 7 years to adjust my fight on this. And I'm having to let my kids go without me on Thanksgiving to hold onto this. I'm happy to be kind of free of the fighting about it. I'm kind of thowing the battle to win the war.

I'm resentful that because my childhood family is flexible and "healthy" I have to make way for the others that are stringent and guilt producing to protect my kids. Taking the path of least resistance will allow them to have one Thanksgiving which I really want. It also exposes them to negativity,

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KrayonKel said...

You should come to my house! :D I'd take you in a heartbeat!