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Monday, October 11, 2010

fun family time

We have made the right decision in only bringing Ivy to Disneyland with us on vacation. All in all, this has been the plan all along and has also been in the works since she was born. I've always heard that the age of 6 is a prime age for exploring the park, along with buying her some birthstone jewelry (costume) at the gift shop. Well, we couldn't come last year with the move into the new house, but this year it was priority 1.

She is being so lovely and well behaved. She has had only one melt down and that was last night when it was wayyyy past the time she should have been in bed. After all that she experienced yesterday, including her first plane ride, her meltdown was well earned.

We miss the boys. But we are so glad they are safe and happy at home with the sitter.

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KrayonKel said...

How special!