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Saturday, March 06, 2010

trying to be polite

this week I encountered 3 different scenarios where I felt I was being talked in to something, yet I allowed myself to be coerced. Each time, I wondered where politeness ends and selflessness begins. Tell me what you think.

1. while I was at a class this week, a woman brought in some sort of muffins to share. When she was leaving, she walked around to everyone and offered one to them. I didn't want a muffin, but I felt that saying no would have been rude, so I took one. I think that I left it on my desk, but afterwards I wondered if that was the right thing to do. Was being wasteful ok since I did it to spare someone's feelings?

2. Husband has been on a route in a different town and has wanted to take our family to a certain shop that has good deals on sports shoes and outfits. To get a discount on the clothes he picked for the kids, he had to buy a pair of shoes. From his subtle pressure, I knew that he wanted to buy me a pair of those sketchers that are supposed to help with toning. Especially since he led me right to them and asked me which ones I wanted. First off, I was kind of offended that he has been so set on getting me a pair. Secondly, the amount of money that they cost was outrageous in my eyes. I would have rather bought some macbook memory. I picked out a pair. I honestly doubt that I will wear them enough to justify the cost. Should I have rejected a gift being bought for me by my husband? Because it was obvious he wanted the discount and wanted to get me something. This one is even more tricky.

3. Last night my cousin called to tell me that her favorite musical was playing in town today. She doesn't drive, so I knew that in order for her to go, I would have to go as well, as I am the only other person in her life who enjoys those types of things. If left to my own, I wouldn't have chosen to go to this at all, or spend the money on the tickets. It turned out to be for the better as the tickets turned out to be buy one get one and I ended up taking Ivy to her first live musical. I really enjoyed myself and at the end, my cousin said that going to that event meant that she could cross it off of her 'things to do before I die" list. And that really made it worth it.

But still. These experiences have been on my mind tonight. What is the lesson in this for me this week?


KrayonKel said...

The food thing I experience a lot. But then again, I have been the one offering food as well. I just tell people no thank you. It seldom becomes an issue. But I could see doing what you did too. Ultimately she was trying to get rid of them.

What musical was it?

Mrs. Inqvist said...

I approach these same scenerio's as, if it makes someone else happy for a bit than it was all worth it. I figure it doesn't have to always be all about me, but that sometimes when I don't want to do something is when I enjoy doing it the most. :)