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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time to let some of this out before

my nerves get any more jangled. This week hasn't been the greatest. Not horrible, but very intense. I'm so totally thankful that I get to go skiing tomorrow. I know that I will find peace and quiet in that beautiful, snowy forest by the lake. Last week I ruined my phone by trying to take pictures in the fast falling snow, but I will try again tomorrow after stowing my phone in a Ziploc in my pocket.

Do I start with the upfront burners that are boiling over on the stove of my mind, or the simmering back burners?

Hmmm. It's hot in here!! :)

  1. A. The biggest thing, which is pretty huge is a bomb that Ivy dropped last night, inadvertently. She came out of her little "office" and asked me some detailed questions about "Lord Jesus". I was calm and then asked her who had told her that Jesus died and also "made" us. She answered, "my teacher". I asked her which teacher that was and she told me, "Mrs. X" (who is her kindergarten teacher) I was dumbfounded and automatically pissed off. I played it off, like nothing.

B. When her dad came home I had her tell him about the man that died. She said the same thing. When he asked what they were talking about, she said, "little Lord Jesus". He looked at me and said, "This deserves a call to the school."

C. Totally was happy that we felt the same way.

D. All night I was stressed about what to do. Chris and I specifically chose public school because there aren't any non religious private schools here. We feel strongly in the separation of church and state. We feel that religion is a private matter for a family. If any friends of ours were talking to Ivy about their Christianity, we would encourage that. We want them exposed to many different views so they can make their own choices when the time comes. My aunt takes her to Sunday school when Ivy stays over. We do not want it taught to her at school.

E. I don't really know what happened. I believe Ivy, yet I think that there may have been a contextual misunderstanding. I need to find out the details, but chris is leery of a backlash twrds Ivy if it is true. Like she's the little heathen tattle tale or something. So.

F. I called the school counselor since I knew the conversation would be confidential. She told me to bring it up to the teacher from the point of a misunderstanding and confusion, not to be threatening or walk in there like I thought she was guilty of doing something wrong. Just gathering information.

G. I said that I needed to take more time and needed to talk to Chris some more.

H. She brought up that maybe it was something to do around Christmas, but Ivy's teacher wasn't at the school then, she was recovering from knee surgery. She also told me that I could expect more religious talk from Ivy this week because a parent of a child died yesterday and the student body is discussing it today. She also said that there is a religious club that meets afterschool which is legal since it is a public group but maybe some of Ivy's classmates attend.

I. Before Ivy went to bed last night I spoke with her about belief. I told her that many people believe many different things. And that it is her choice to believe what she wants to. That daddy believes some things that are his own. And mommy believes other things that are hers. And her teacher believes her own way. But those don't have to be Ivy's way.

I have to break to go pick her up!! Yikes. Look at the time.

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