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Thursday, January 28, 2010

mommy glamour

My friend Karina and I were texting back and forth to each other and she replied, "Ah, the glamour of being a mom." And I've been thinking about it for a long time since then. Everytime something off the wall happens, I think to myself, "the glamour of being a mom".

So, Tuesday was one of those days. Mr. H was fever-y and sore from shots on Monday. Poor kid has bruises on his thighs! Ivy got sent home sick from school, but then proceded to not act very sick at all. Lastly, my sister brings Bec home from school and he reports to me that he earned 2 time outs for doing things that he shouldn't. And although he knows that he is getting his Wii priveleges taken away for the night, he really didn't want to play anyway because he was too tired. Please tell me that laughter is a best natural fat burner.

"Ah, the glamour of being a mom."

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