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Friday, November 06, 2009

Hanging out at the spa

I'm sitting here, waiting for my coworker to bring back my car so I can head home. And maybe get some lunch because I am starving. I'm sipping on a nasty SlimFast, trying to quell my hunger pains until I can buy myself something of substance. Like, a sandwich. that just made up my mind! There is an Arby's close by and I love their ruebens. That will be lunch and probably dinner too since I'm eating so late.

The new house is coming along. the old house needs to be cleared out and that is weighing on my mind but I'm trying to ignore it.

Today I wore a new outfit that I bought from Ross. I had to break down and buy some new clothes because I was getting very grumpy not having anything cute to wear, and all of my clothes and dressers are strewn between different houses, boxes and closets. Plus it was warm out when we started this adventure.

I may not be writing anything of importance lately, but at least I'm writing again.


KrayonKel said...

I understand your last sentence. I haven't written in quite awhile. :(

adventures north said...

yay for new clothes!