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Monday, October 13, 2008

Real Life

Here I am spending a Saturday night in Heaven. I think that I'm watching a House rerun, while my little man climbs on my lap, steals my hot pack and falls to sleep in my arms. Thankfully the camera was at my elbow. This what my life really looks like.

I have no need for a las vegas strip map to make my life complete. Although I do have a friend that is traveling there in January that could use it!


Katya said...

Nice hot pack. It looks familiar. ;)

Carrie said...

Yeah, lovin' that hotpack too! :)

Seriously, what a perfect picture. Real life. The way we'll remember these days forever, the moments that really count, aren't posed - pure peace.

Love it!

MP2 said...

Look how completely content he is to be right next to his Mommie. Gorgeous!

Catherine said...

Love that hotpack, Kar!! (muah)

I love that photo of the 2 of you!! *That* is the sort of stuff that makes my heart melt.

Love you!