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Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo Purge Day 1

I'm so behind on posting photos from the summer again!! I think that I had to do the same thing year, when I looked the albums in my Kodak folder and realized that I had a ton to share.

The above pic is from the kids' birthday party last weekend at Kid's Castle and Gymnastics Plus. Take a special look at their cake which was a special creation thought up by their dad, and executed by a bakery staff. AND we still had a lot left over to take home. Half of it was Princess theme, while the other half was Cars.

Presents from Nana!

Can't leave out Hendrix!

And one of the best parts of the party? Not having to use any Delsey luggage because it was all in town, only a few short minutes from our house.


MP2 said...

Good job on the cake, Dad! And good job on the belly, Mom! And I love your kitchen cabinets (-:

Melissa said...

You cannot possibly get any more adorable, my dear. Seriously. The whole family cuteness is, well, simply cute.

Love the cake---

Carrie said...

KARIANNE!!! Can you hear my scream clean across the country, cuz you should!! You are adorable, adorable, adorable! I love you and Hendrix! (and your hair and dress are to die for cute!)

Love those kiddos too! That look on Bec's face is adorable! And I'm lovin' that cake (and want a bite!)