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Monday, May 26, 2008

Peony In Love

I'm reading/listening to Peony in Love by Lisa See. It is s l o w but also pretty to listen to. To get the story across, I think that she could have used 50% less words, but her descriptions are worth hearing.

Let me just say that I would SUCK at being a wife/daughter in 17th century China. By See's description, make me a concubine any day of the week before I deal with all of that responsibility!

I guess that I wouldn't have had to worry too much about an arranged marriage coming from my family, as I have learned that the "dowry"s for these women can be huge. My dad would have had the livestock covered, but that's about it. According to See, I would need a lot more things along the lines of a Patek watch to land me a husband.

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