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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Photo Catch Up-Need A Laugh?

We are heading out of town for my birthday weekend and I can't wait. It is the first time I have ever been away from the kids overnight and I'm so nervous! My sister promises that if they cry for me (wishful thinking on my part) that she will call and I can come home if I want! Maybe I should have a little champagne before we leave :)

I have pics from Christmas Eve that I have wanted to share, but never could come up with a good time. Today is the day!

Enjoy the pics and the weekend. Love you guys!

The beginning of the night

From L to R. My brother Chase, Ivy on drums, my brother Jay, and my nephew Juju doing the vocal stylings of Ozzy

Punk Princess and Punk Pixxee
I'm totally concentrating and Ivy looks like she has been hanging out with the roadies.

Acknowledging my groupies while Princess takes over

Adoring Fans

Bec ready to rock in his Lightning McQueen pit crew uniform with matching hat and shoes.

My nephew Jaice with his wrestling mask and his lightsaber, enthralled at the tunes. (yeah right)


Like the rockstars they are, my brothers in fur caps, no shirts and unlit cigarettes. Fly.

Isn't this what all families do the night before Christmas? Hope you are laughing as hard as I am as I remember this super fun night.


KrayonKel said...

Yay! Enjoy your night! ;)

Catherine said...

LOL!! Great photos!! I have missed you! I hope you had a fabulous night away with your handsome husband and a fantastic birthday! Love you girl!!!

alisonwonderland said...

Isn't this what all families do the night before Christmas?

too funny!

i hope you had an absolutely fabulous birthday weekend! i've been thinking about you and your favorite holiday!