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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We are down to 2

Chris headed back to work today, still sick, but better. He will probably be feeling a lot better after he gets outside and moving around. If I was him, I'd still be in bed, but to each his own.

Ivy and Bec are home with me. Ivy is better, Bec is worse. This crud has got a hold of my family. I'm trying so hard to not let it get a hold of me!

Took Bec to the doctor yesterday to rule out an ear infection or any lung involvement. Fluid in both ears, but no infection yet. Lungs were good. The thing with him though is his FEVER! It just won't break. Running over 100 with tyleno*l or ibuprofen.

After nap yesterday Bec woke up burning up and I think that he had a febrile seizure. I'd always heard about them and how common they are with kids and high temps. Scary stuff. He was twitching and wouldn't talk or focus. But just for a moment. Then he was back. The doctor said to dose him continually for the fever for 24 hours to not let it get high again, just in case.

We don't need a plasma mount as we don't have a plasma tv, but our tv is getting even more of a work out than usual! We have rented movies everyday. They are all just sprawled out in bed or on couches or chairs. I'm using this time to get stuff organized for a yard sale that my cousin is having in a couple of weeks and boy, would you all be proud! I'm starting to see a difference. Next room to tackle is the garage. If you don't hear from me in a few days, call in the troops because that means I'm trapped in all of that junk.

Stay well!


Catherine said...

your poor honeys... I was sick for 2 weeks straight and then Jonathan came down with a weird virus over this past weekend.. came out with a rash at the end of a fever and I thought he was starting with the chicken pox but it turns out it was just the virus exiting his body (thank you God!)

I hope all of yours are up and running again soon!

Hugs and chicken soup to you all!!

Katya said...

Oh my gosh! I really hope Bec's fever drops soon. Scary stuff!