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Monday, March 24, 2008

Mountain Moving Monday

Too weird in how many things I got done today. There are times when everything is so piled up, I have to take a full day to just tie up loose ends and take some of this weight off of my shoulders, I totally need massage therapy, but I wouldn't enjoy it until all of these items were done. Here's my list so far. And it is only 6 o'clock.

  1. took ivy to nursery school
  2. dropped off avon orders
  3. coffee with a friend I haven't seen in months
  4. chiropractor appt.
  5. dropped off another Avon order
  6. called about renting a hall for my brother's birthday
  7. called our architect to come out tomorrow morning
  8. had my mom measure the square footage of our living room and kitchen for new flooring
  9. called insurance company to double check on my massage benefits
  10. called a friend to schedule putting in new flooring
  11. called Chris to schedule pick up of new flooring
  12. settled a bet btw my mom and brother
  13. scheduled a work appt. for Wed
  14. called my PP volunteer coordinator to schedule my hours this week
  15. called my cousin to double check on yard sale storage
  16. picked up Ivy and Bec
  17. fed Roosevelt and walked him
  18. fed Puppy and Flower and let them roam the living room
  19. picked up Easter candy that was forgotten in the yard
  20. began this assignment
  21. had a personalized perfume appt
  22. sent a thank you card to my SIL for above appt
  23. had tea with another friend that I haven't seen in months
  24. dropped off borrowed books and altered journal
  25. coordinated another art journal pick up and drop off
  26. Finished this assignment
  27. emailed carrie to check if my newly bought baby gift was appropriate to send

And that's enough before I go crazy. Although I have thought of at least 3 more things. I hope this keeps up!


Carrie said...

Wow, that is an impressive list! Days like that make me feel so good!

Katiefucious said...

I always feel so good at the end of the day, even if I'm tired, if I got a lot accomplished it's worth it!