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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Like winning the lottery

To set up this long ol story, let me first say that I am a firm believer in that there are two types of people. Those that live to eat and those that eat to live. Chris is of the first type and I'm of the second. Mealtimes can be kind of tricky around here.

My sis called last week and said that she had made extra kabobs if I didn't have any dinner planned. The kids and I eat about 530-600, Chris eats at 7-730 when he gets home from work. So, I always make 3 dinners. A kid dinner, Chris' dinner and a "snack" dinner for me, since I like to eat at lunch better than at dinner. So I'll have an apple or something. I told her that the 3 of us had eaten, but I still needed to do Chris' dinner, so I'd take her extras for him.

My sister LOVES to cook. More like a hobby than a chore. Me, not so much. I'll bake sometimes, but for the most part, eh.

My brother brought over a plate of kabobs plus 3 sides for Chris that my sis had made. Chris was in heaven! When I make dinner it isn't very creative. Like hamburger helper and corn. Sounds good to me! :) Not so much to Chris.

The next day my sis and I went to lunch. I told her how much Chris loved dinner. She said, "I'll just make him an extra plate whenever I cook." I said, I'll pay you! That would be great! She said, "you are not going to pay me!" I already cook for 10 people as it is, so one more plate is nothing."

I talked to Chris and he was too excited! My sister is a great cook. He said, tell her that we will pay her because we will be saving so much on groceries without my cooking. She still refused.

So, then I thought about it. I decided to buy her some staple foods whenever I go to the store. AND I had a brainstorm!

My sister HATES to match socks. To the tune of when her and the kids run out of socks, since they aren't matched, she just buys new socks. No joke. She doesn't have the patience for it.

No joke. She has a full baby-sized crib FULL of unmatched socks. I"M serious. NO JOKE!!

I called her and said, if you are cooking for Chris and taking over that chore for me, I'll match your socks. She was speechless. She said, "That would be like winning the lottery." She then said, "Um, I don't think that is fair to you. Have you seen how many socks I need matched?"

I don't mind socks at all. I have a sock system for my house that works good for me. This past week, I'd go over and grab a basket full of socks and match them, saving the odds for later. Each night that I went to get Chris' plate, I gave her a grocery sack of matched socks. Win-win!

She cooks 4 times a week, Chris can cook his dinner on the weekend which leaves me only once or twice to cook. Which means I can buy pizza!

When he gets home from work, I take a walk to my sister's down the block. She will have his plate all made up and covered with foil. On Friday he had BBQ hamburger w/cheese and bacon. Baked beans, tomato salad, and corn on the cob. Just like a restaurant. On Thurs he had pozole, buttered tortillas, rice, salad. These are normal dinners for her house. He is eating like a king and we are all loving every minute of it!

How did we all get so lucky?


KrayonKel said...

creativity! I love it!

Katya said...

What a creative solution to a problem! That is so you, Karianne.

I LOVE matching socks. Like, with a passion. Does that make me weird? If I were there I would help you and be in heaven.

Carrie said...

what a great idea! I wish someone would cook for me! I definitely love to eat, but I hate, hate, hate to cook. I've always said I would take a cook over a cleaner anyday. Give me a toilet and a rag, I can do it! Give me food and a cookbook and I'm stillt sumped. We're very basic around here, in case you haven't noticed. :)

Melissa said...

that is the coolest idea~~ I'm so jealous

Melissa said...
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alisonwonderland said...

what a great trade! you and your sister arelucky!