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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Date Nite Surprize

Last week Chris told me to not make any plans for Saturday night. Yeah! I love surprizes although I do get kind of anxious about who will be watching the kids and what we will be doing. Not because I don't think that I'll enjoy myself, but that I don't know what to wear! Talk about nerve wracking for me!

We ended up going to see a production of "Gypsy". It was a lot of fun to get dressed up with the rest of the town and head into our gorgeous theatre to enjoy a live musical. Chris had been wanting to see a show for a long time, but never could get tickets in time. This time, he succeeded and we had a blast.

Went out for drinks and a little bit of dinner to go. Then headed home very late and tired. It was just like it was before we had kids! Heaven.

Lest you think that Chris is the only one with surprizes up his sleeve, I also had a surprize for him a few date nights ago. We were out for dinner and talking up a storm. I then remembered that I had gotten a shipment of logo pens, two actually that I had ordered special for him. Instead of a logo, I'd had our photo uploaded onto the site, so our family photo was printed on the pen. He was always telling me that he was at a loss for pictures of all of us while he was working. This way, he'll always have our photo.


Katya said...

I love musicals. I bet you had an absolute blast. How fun of Chris to surprise you like that!

The pens sound like such a cute idea!

Catherine said...

I love surprises too!!! I need Chris to have a talk with Brian ;)

PS: That pen IS a great idea!