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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pandora's Box for Valentines Day

This post needs a little background.

Being a driver is new for Chris and being married to a driver is new for me. When Chris had more time to shop, and boy, is he a shopper!, his gifts to me were amazing. Once, for a V day weekend, he told me to pack some clothes because we were going somewhere. He drove me to Seattle for an amazing dinner, and a Sonics game with amazing seats and a visit with our amazing friend. All a surprize. Our friend's date couldn't make it so I ended up with roses from Chris and the friend. And watching the game between the two of them. So much attention!! I loved it!

Well, since the new job, the gifts are still thoughtful. But he doesn't have the time to look around for things that I'd like, or put too much thought into them. And then he doesn't want to get me something not special, so he puts it off, and then, you can guess the rest of the story.

This past Christmas I thought that I'd help out by telling him exactly what I wanted. Which stores they were at, where they were located in the store and who to talk to about purchasing. I got 2 giftcards. He felt bad. I was disappointed, but I tried to be understanding. (Just imagine what this post would have read like if I'd written it right after Christmas) It is hard to be spoiled and then not spoiled. I wanted to be spoiled again. I TOLD him that I was high maintenance when we met. He was warned, so don't feel to bad for him.

And then I had another idea. The internet! Duh! He loves to shop the internet as well.

What I did was start a "Mommy's Prizes" file. Everytime I would see something in a catalog or a website with interesting stuff, I'd put it in the file on his desk. I wasn't sure that it would work.

But it did! He loved the idea! He loved that his gift would still be a surprize, I'd have no clue what I was getting. The other thing that he said was that half of the items were not something that he would pick out for me. So, I was surprising him as well.

And he ordered me the above box for Valentines Day and I got it at our dinner date. I almost started crying. It was wrapped so nice with paper he stole from his step mom.

I'm hoping that it isn't a fluke thing because he was home at the time with his surgery. We'll see how my bday goes!

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Katiefucious said...

That's a fantastic idea, Karianne!

My DH is always saying that he never knows what to get me, and I'm always saying things like "I tell you what I like all the time!!"

But sometimes I think they think about us, and how wonderful we are, and they just can't think of anything suitable enough for such a wonderful person.

At least, that's how I like to think about it. :)