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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogging Wednesday Weed Out

Besides the ritual recycling, consignment and library weed outs I really feel the need to get some posts out of my head!

Whenever I get a chance to hop on the computer today, which will hopefully be often, I want to do a short post, maybe a longer one here or there, to get caught up.

I'll be publishing them all separately because when I'm reading, I get intimidated by long posts with a ton of info. Plus, I'm a comment drama queen and I'm hoping that this will make it easier to share your thoughts.

Here we go!

(I posted them so they would show up after this one, below so you'd be sure to read this first!)


Carrie said...

Hey, where are the posts? I always think about doing the same thing, but have wondered what people would think about random posts. I prefer reading smaller posts, one with each topic myself, so I think it's a great idea!

3 Beauties said...

Keep posting. I suck at it lately, but I really like to read your words.

Sincerely, your readers!