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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Weed-Out

I have always wanted to participate in Tackle It Tuesdays like Carrie does, but Tuesdays are crazy around here and the only thing that I can tackle is getting out of bed! So, last night, after I realized that I had missed yet another Tuesday opportunity, I thought that I would create my own activity for Wednesday. And then Wednesday Weed-Out was born!

I always have tons of stuff piled up that I mean to take care of. This applies to the house, my camera and my blog! So hopefully each Wednesday I'll be weeding through my to-do list and also weeding out all of the crapola around the house.

I even dressed for the occasion.

Here is what I had wanted to do today.

The front 2 bags had to go to Goodwill and the rear bag had to go to consignment

The chair has books to return to the library and movies to go back to Blockbuster. There are two bags of clothes that I need to return to Target

I did all of it EXCEPT the target returns since they were on the opposite side of town. Pretty good because most of those things needed to be done since before Christmas!


alisonwonderland said...

good work! maybe you can inspire me ... :)

Katya said...

Man, you were productive today, too! Way to go! I have Monday off from school and internship, and am attacking my house.

I'm posting hat pics just for you.

Catherine said...

OK, Karianne -- first of all, how adorable are you???? Seriously. I just love you.

2nd of all, what a GREAT idea!! I think I might join you, girlfriend!!

Love you!

KrayonKel said...

It's so hard for me to get motivated unless I know someone is coming. I just let everything fall apart.

Soooooo... I think you should come over to visit sometime!!!! :)

Melissa said...

Ok, I'm sort of feeling motivated. I think I need you and Katya to come and help me.

What a great feeling that must be to be freed from bags of stuff. Yay!

And, what is with you looking cuter than cute no matter what? You don't take a bad pic, do you?

Carrie said...

I love Wednesday Weed-Out!!

And you look adorable dressed for the occasion! Heck, my weeding-out clothes probably make me look like a hobo!

I'm so glad you accomplished what you set out to do. It always feels so great to look back and know you've gotten rid of more 'stuff' that was just bogging you down!