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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Tackled It - On a Tuesday, No Less!

Once upon a time a long time ago, I mentioned that I was going to participate in a couple of fatbooks for the first time ever. Although I'm not going to artfest this year, this is a side project that is opened to participants. I thought that it would be a cheap and fun way to experience artfest, without paying out the actual moolah, finding sitters for the kids and yuck, traveling. But it really is about the $, I have a couple of good friends that are going and would have made sure that I arrived safe and sound.

Well. The deadline for my 108 pages. Yes you read that right. Front and back, 54, 4x4 signed pages. But copies of the same image. Does that make sense?

I'd been freaking about what I was going to make. The theme is "forest floor". What the heck? I just couldn't think about how my style could align with forest floor. But today it came to me!

Here's the process.

I started with this Calvin Klein ad from W magazine.

I reduced them and copied them until I had 2 images sized 4x4

I then colored the images with pencils. I stamped the leaf print over that then shaded in the leaf.

Then off to the copy place!

As soon as I get them signed and in the mail, I will feel so much better. But the hard part is over. And I love how they turned out. That was some serious tackling today. I forgot to mention that I always use scratch paper for my art copies, so some of the old stuff from the back shows through on the copy. It's always a mystery what is going to come up.


Katya said...

I love that! It turned out very pretty!

Carrie said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe how well it turned out! I love that you did that - I bet you are so proud! You should be!

AnastasiaC said...

Hey Kari - that looks great!! show us more!