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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yes to Baclofen

Last night they began a new combo of meds that includes a spinal medicine for quadrapalegics (sp?). This works in a different way than the others they had tried for nerve pain and muscle relaxants.


It is working! So far, so good. They ordered it to be given to her before it even comes close to wearing off so the spasms don't start again.

She had another MRI last night to see if there is something else to be done surgically, but we haven't gotten the results back yet.

If all goes well, hopefully she could come home tomorrow. That would really be something to be thankful for, huh?

Thanks guys.


Carrie said...

Thanks for the update, KariAnne! I have been praying often and wondering how she was doing. I'm thinking of you too, girlfriend. Wish I was there so I could make YOU dinner!

KrayonKel said...

I'm keeping you guys in my prayers too. SOOOOO glad things are looking up. :)