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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uh oh!

I almost forgot to post today! Since I had a couple of blog posts yesterday, in my mind, today's post was finished. Good thing I checked.

Little by little, Elvis and I are resuming our relationship. With new downloads and such, things are getting more familiar. But I'm missing my HUGE list of favorites that was lost in getting the new hard drive. Of course, I have your addresses, but there were alot where I would pop in from time to time and catch up on.

Now I get to start a new list. The "next blog" button is going to be getting a work out!

1 comment:

KrayonKel said...

Sorry Elvis was "All Shook Up." Just say in a strong voice, "Don't Be Cruel!" Instead he should, "Love Me Tender." Otherwise it will be a "Blue Christmas" for both of you.