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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Staring Down The Traitor

Last night actually turned out pleasant. Thanks for all of the vibes and I'll update the deets hopefully tomorrow. Until then, here's some more crap to read about.

For a couple weeks now we have been meeting with our attorney to come up with a timeline of how the Traitor was acting as my dad's executor in an illegal capacity from the time my dad died until June last year when my step mom was appointed executor. The meetings have been so hard because we all have to sit there and remember conversations with the Traitor, the Whore and my dad while he was dying and recall all of the hell that has been done to us since that day almost 2 years ago. We always leave either really sad or really angry. It's very emotional.

A bright spot in all of this was that we found out that during the time The Traitor is being deposed(?) that all heirs of the will can be in the questioning. Our attorney is the only one that can talk but we can sit there and glare at him across the table. We can also write notes to our atty when we think of a question or when we have info of him lying.

But can you imagine? He will have to walk in with his atty. And face 5 of the 6 heirs, my step mom and our atty. I'm freaking loving it. Please wish for me to have dagger eyes on Tuesday. What an ass.

Regardless of how any of this turns out, we have done the right thing. We have proven to ourselves and to them that our father's wishes meant something. That they can't steal from us and not answer to it. If we walk away with only a huge bill for atty fees, I am consoled with the fact that we split all of our fees 7 ways. The Traitor has to pay for all of his fees, the Whore for all of hers. Take that!

Oh, and did I mention to you guys that The Whore and The Traitor are getting married? They f-ing deserve each other. What a soap opera.

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KrayonKel said...

We had a close family friend who went through something similar when her husband died unexpectedly. It was so wrong.

I'm glad you have so many siblings and that you aren't going through all of this alone. Love ya! :)