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Friday, November 16, 2007

Mommy Update

I love how this image comforts me
Wow, we sure had no idea it was gonna be like this!

Her surgery ended up being a little over 8 hours. They had to do bone scraping, bone graft, put in steel pins and remove bone fragments. The surgeon said that it went as expected, although her inflammation was more than he thought it would be.

Her pain hasn't ebbed, albeit a different pain than before. The new pain is thankfully more manageble with meds, as her pain for the last 4 months was nerve pain and unrelenting. Last week she was taking 2 vicodin, 4 advil and something else (i don't remember)just to keep the tears from rolling down her face. And this woman has a pain tolerance to be envious of, too. Her description of minor pain would level me. She amazes me. Did I mention that she is only 53?

The absolute worst of this all has been having to see my family dealing with serious (but thankfully, not terminal) hospital/medical issues. When they were putting my mom in her bed last night from the operating room, she still wasn't really conscious. She was making sounds like my dad did before he died. My sister had to leave the room to keep from fainting.

Well, I've seriously got a lot to write about. Thanks for everything you guys.

One funny thing to leave you with. While coming out of the sleepy juice she said, "I'm gonna do the gatorade. Maybe they'll let me in the band then. Probably not, I'd have to prove myself to Julius" OMG, we were cracking up!


Carrie said...

I am *SO* glad to see this update. I have been thinking of you all constantly. Thank you for taking the time...

*huge hugs* and prayers for your mother's recovery!

KrayonKel said...

I'll lift up a prayer for your momma.

Funny Story:
Once when I was a teenager, I fell asleep with my glasses on--something my mom couldn't stand. My brother came into my room and took my glasses off. I sort of "woke up" but not really. Groggily, I said, "What are you doing?" Brett said, "I'm putting your glasses on the dresser." "NOOOOOO! Put them in the folder." "Ummmm... no I'm putting them right here." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Put them in the folder!!!!" "OK... Putting them in the folder." "Thanks." And I went back to sleep.

Of course I don't remember this. Brett told me what happened. :P

LaLa said...

So happy she is out of surgery and craxking jokes! {{HUGS}}

Melissa said...

I'm so late with commenting on this...I'm SO very glad your mom out of surgery and thinking about the band. Hehe that cracked me up!

Love to you as you deal with all of this!