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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Elvis Is Rehab-ing At Home

After some serious reconstruction, Elvis, my notebook computer,
is home. He can't remember anything from before his latest hospital stay. It will take us a while to get him acclimated to life at home. But, my word, is he FAST! I can barely keep my hands off of him now :)

We had some serious decisions to make about keeping him or "please releas(ing) (him) let(ting) (him) go". After some research into the cost and research on, we decided to fix him up and pimp out a new look for him. Which would be less than getting an Elvis the Second.

If it seems like I haven't visited your blog in awhile, it is because I'm kind of lost and also I'm kind of playing nursemaid to Elvis.

Hopefully, by next week, he'll be performing again. Bigger and Better than Before!

Remember, Elvis loves you. And so do I!


3 Beauties said...

And I love Elvis! I even love Elvis in velvet.... hee hee

Karen Beth said...

You should definitely pimp Elvis out in some white velvet, blue suede trim, rhinestones and seriously bling. Go for it!