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Saturday, October 06, 2007

For 3 Beauties

I found myself describing my favorite jacket, well, one of my ultimate favorites to Natalie from 3 Beauties. She then responded how she loved how understated my jacket sounded, or something to that degree. I told her that I'd have my sis take a pic of it for her. And here it is. No wonder why N calls me her Punk Princess.

You can't really tell, but some of the skulls have rhinestones on them. You can barely see the beautiful 70s heart necklace that I wear constantly that I bought from Karen Beth! You can see it a lot better in my blue hair pics from awhile back. And no, I don't normally wear it that zipped up, I was trying to show the full effect.


Melissa said...

you are so totally awesome! love the pic.

KrayonKel said...

Rock on, my friend! You sizzle! :D

Katya said...

That is one super cute jacket. I want one! :)

Carrie said...

I love it! I almost bought a similar one at Penney's. It was black with red skulls though. If it were the opposite colors I would have bought it. Yours is much cuter! And the necklace is adorable!

PS Is there blue in your hair, I aan't tell.

3 Beauties said...

YEEEHAAAA! I get to see "the" jacket. It is just as understated as I knew it would be. And yes, I think that would be a great asset in any wardrobe! Thanks so much for sharing it. Thank goodness for blogs too.

You look hot by the way ;)

Karen Beth said...

I'm so geeked up that you love the necklace and wear it all the time! Did you ever get the dress cropped down to a tunic?