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Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday Buddies Everyday

Becken and Omarion
Autumn and Ivy Wyn

Here are pics of the kids and their best buds at their party. Getting a picture of Omarion and Becken was close to impossible because they just run around like crazy boyz, no matter what. I got to snap this one because cake had their attention.

Ivy and Autumn are one month apart. Autumn's mom and I are cousins. Our other cousin was also pregnant at the same time we both were, so Thanos, Autumn and Ivy are all within 6 weeks of each other.

I have more birthday pics coming up AND a post about my wonderful day today, meeting my blog girl, Melissa IN THE FLESH! (I know that you are soooo jealous and I'm eating it up!)


Karen Beth said...

What beautiful names those kiddies have! Beautiful pictures too!

I'm SO SO SO SO SO jealous that you and Melissa got to meet and spend time together! As I told her... I want to come! You two will just HAVE to make a pilgrimage down to Mississippi.

I insist. :)

Love ya,


Melissa said...

can i just say (again) how CUTE your kids are. SUPER CUTE!

i'm trying to sort out in my mind our meeting----and how do i even convey how great it was to meet you?

Katya said...

Your kids are very very cute!

Christine said...

They all do look like "Best Buds and BFFs"!!

Cute pictures!

I am so jealous you've gotten to meet a blogger in real life.

How FUN!

Carrie said...

Hey you girls! I want all the juicy details on the meeting! I am dying to hear about it! I wanted to be there too.... wah!!!!!

The pictures are beautiful! I love that caught the kids with their best friends! I can never catch my kids with their friends - I guess I'm not persistant enough. hehe Glad the party went well!

AnastasiaC said...

what eldest is in preschool but has yet to have a 'best friend' he says the whole class is his best friend haha too cute!