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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cabinet Hardware


I hardly ever watch home improvement shows on television. Most of my home improvement views seem to come from my mom or from magazines. But I've heard that by replacing your cabinet hardware
you can update your kitchen for not a lot of money. Yet, while I'm thinking of it, the last time my mom replaced her cabinet hardware, it cost her a pretty penny or so. Maybe I heard the tip wrong?

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Anonymous said...

It cost me around $150 to make a 70s kitchen look almost new. I removed the old hardware, used wood filler to patch the holes, then drilled new holes and installed new hardware, then painted all the cupboards shiny white, instead of their old dreary brown. You can definitely spend a whole lot more - I bought the cheapest hardware you can get at Home Depot (comes in packs of 10, simple spherical shape, brushed nickel look, around $13 for each pack) but you can spend upwards of $15 per knob/drawer pull! That adds up quickly.