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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

10-What I like about my job(s)

If I sat here and listed all of my jobs, we would be here a long time. When I got my tattoo, I told the guy inking it what I did for a living. Massage, day care office, writer, Avon rep. When I took out my $ to pay, I had a lot of $1 bills. He then said, "You're a stripper too?" I cracked up! I said, I might as well add it to the list since I do practically everything else!

1) Flexibility - I make my own schedule in each job. One week will be heavier, such as billing for the day care around the 1st of the month, but they all even out time wise by the end of the month.

2) Understanding - Everyone that I work with or for understands my mental, emotional and physical capabilities and treats me accordingly. I don't handle stress all that well and luckily, I'm not required to work through any rough patches that I may have unless I want to. It's great to be strong, but not have to be.

3)Loyalty - I don't know if this is the correct word or not, but I have been able to have these jobs for years! I have done massage for over a decade and I've worked at the day care in some capacity for 22 years!

4) Family- At the day care I am surrounded by family as staff and clients. At the spa, I am surrounded by friends that are just like family.

5) Following my heart - I have always been a nurturer and a healer. All of my jobs allow me to be who I am.

6) Following my head - Although I don't feel that the other jobs are my "calling" I can still feel successful and smart and intellectual doing them. They balance me out and ground me. Otherwise, I think that I'd be more inclined to be a bit more "woo woo" out there.

7) I make a difference - On a daily basis, I change the world for the better when I go to work. At the spa, I help people find peace in their lives and bodies. At the daycare, I help to provide a safe and loving environment for kids which benefits us all.

8) Structured activities - This may sound odd, but I love the fact that my work stays at my work. When I'm done with a massage or a billing, it is done. That's it. There aren't long-term never ending projects. I have a task in front of me that I complete the best that I can. End of story. I don't have to worry that others aren't doing what they need to. I just need to be responsible for myself.

9) Payscale - At the spa, I have one of the few careers where I feel that I am paid what I'm worth in money. But the rewards I receive that aren't monetary from my clients are priceless.

10) Admiration - For the most part, when people find out that I'm a LMT, they get all gooey talking about their massage therapists or massage experiences that they have had. It's neat to be a part of that.

And now it is 12:01 Wednesday. I almost made it!

Bonus 11) Attire - At both the spa and the center, they wear scrubs. So, if I need to grab a uniform in a rush I can. Yet, in both places, I am in a position to not wear them if I don't want to. On a daily basis I can dress up or down and still fit in.


Melissa said...

what a great post! full of gratitude and, dare I say it---contentment. :) I need to stop and appreciate the good things more often!

Melissa said...

what a great post! full of gratitude and, dare I say it---contentment. :) I need to stop and appreciate the good things more often!

Melissa said... trigger finger was quick on the post button :)

Carrie said...

It sounds like you are very blessed as far as the job department! I love that you have so much flexibility with each one, and that you feel you truly belong! I think that means more than money even. Well, sometimes. lol

Christine said...

Great post, Karianne!
I think #7 is very important for me, if I feel like I have a purpose or fulfilling some need, I enjoy my job.

I'm glad to see you back.

Have a great weekend.