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Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Tired Sunday Hello

I have missed you guys! But, I knew this weekend would be nuts, so I thought that I'd relieve some of the nutsness and cut out blogging for a few days. Not the happiest compromise, but it sure worked well knowing that you all were forewarned.

Friday and Saturday evenings and nights were taken up by Little Miss Ivy's Very First Dance Recital. To MKKH and TLC, please, I have to take back every unflattering thing that I've ever uttered about Ivy's dance school. The rehearsals and recital were amazing. Every Saturday that I have dragged a kicking and screaming, cartoon wanting 3 year old to class was sooo worth it. For all of us, even her! I'll be posting more details, and photos (!) this week.

Another yard sale with my cousins on Saturday in the daytime. I only made $20, but still, being out with the gals sunning and laughing and joking around was more than worth it. So, I'm looking at it like I got rid of junk, enjoyed my day AND made money. With that spin on things, the day couldn't have gone better.

And I got my apron in the mail! Sweet, sweet Shelly sent me a beautiful handwritten card with the sweetest sentiments and included a lavender and rose satchet that she also sells as a bonus. What a nice lady. Ivy has been wearing it like a bracelet and it works for her. I'd steal her trend, but the ribbon is too small for my wrist.

It has been over 100 degrees the past few days. Today we were able to take advantage of my Aunt's pool even though she was gone. So many times she calls and begs for all of us to use it. She says that it is such a waste when she looks out there and it isn't being used. How can you refuse that? So, we were sunning, swimming, BBQing fools from 11-5 today. With repeat plans for next week if the weather keeps up. Although it is supposed to be cooler.

Date nights have been officially put on hold for the summer. They were getting way too stressful! We'll see how it goes. Flexibility, right?

Hope your weekends were great as well!


Cathy said...

Oh it sounds like a good weekend! I can't wait to see Ivy in her costume. I'll bet she was just tdf cute!
Sounds like you had some much needed family time too.
Glad you're back!

KrayonKel said...

i've been having a great weekend with the fam too. we just got back from the beach this afternoon.

whew. i'm pooped.

MP2 said...

Can't wait for the dance pics - I'm sure she was adorable!