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Friday, June 08, 2007

Practicing Crankiness

I think that I should change my blog to the above title, as I haven't been being very content lately! As per usual, I wasn't going to write about all of the complainy, cranky stuff and try to be upbeat, but alas, you guys are too great of a support to not spill it! And, so much is happening that I think that there has got to be some sort of cosmic weirdness going on.

* Montee is the mama of my nephews and neice (Jaiden, Jaiya, Jaice). She is my brother Jarod's ex but they still love each other as only first loves can. Anyway, she and her brother Marcus were called to Texas last week as their mom was dying. This is the third time in as many years to recieve hospital calls like this.

* Well, you guessed it. While Marcus and Montee were flying out there, Joanne died. I took this as her last gift to her kids so they wouldn't have to make the decision themselves. She saved them from that. She hadn't taken care of herself for a long while with various forms of self abuse. This last time a shunt in her liver broke. And then she died.

* Montee got back home to us yesterday. We had a family dinner for her at my sister's. Jaiya walked in with a box and a big smile. I asked her what was in the box and she said, "My grandma." So, we all had dinner with Joanne. Montee was sharing pictures of her mom and from her trip. As we were all flipping through them, we were looking at highschool pics and such, commenting on how pretty her mom was, how her dad looks the same etc. Then we came to pictures of the of the service and there were photos of Montee and Marcus posing with their mom with the open casket. I didn't expect that and I was very very sad. It freaked me out. I told Montee how beautiful her mom looked and she told me that she did her mom's make up for the casket. I just felt sick, so sad for Montee. I couldn't imagine.

*After we all walked to ice cream, all 15 of us, we watched the slide show from the Texas service. We are having one here next weekend. Alright, bawl fest. It killed me to see my nephews and niece bawling. This is so unfair to them. To lose 2 grandparents in less than 2 years. And to know how hard it has been for all of us to lose my dad, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. And now to have Montee go through it as well. We are in for some more rough times.

*I had a message from my partner at the spa, hysterical, when I got home. Her pug puppy had gotten stolen out of her car. He was so cute too and was our little mascot as she brought him to work every day and he had his own little space. Our clients were in love.

*I got an email from my friend tonight that said her dad had a heart attack in Oregon and was airlifted here to WA to the hospital she works at. She overhead drs. saying that her dad was unstable.

*Did I mention that one of my sisters is graduating high school tomorrow? I bought a "new" shirt at Value Village for $2.99 that is so cute.

*And did I mention Father's Day?

My sis Landi says that we are just getting older which is why there are so many deaths and such that we weren't conscious of before. But I think that there is something in the air, and I'm hoping that you guys don't catch it.


Carrie said...

*huge hugs*

That definitely is a lot going on in your life. Your plate is really full. I hate times like these.

I wish I lived closer... we could just take the kids to the playground and sit and chat.

Hope life is kinder to you soon!

Cathy said...

I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time lately.

Know that you are loved and thought of often.

Seasons can be so rough in a person's life. Keep your head up and I know you will walk gracefully through this hard time, sweetie.

Much love,

Buttercup said...

That's a lot to have on your plate emotionally. It makes perfect sense that you would be feeling less than content. Let yourself feel what you need to, and you'll get through this. Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

As they say up here, Uff Da.