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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Photo Ten on Tuesday-Fave Pics I've Taken 1-3

I'm just going to click through some photos that I've taken to share. I'll provide an explanation if I need to, but I think a lot are just straight forward. I'm doing a little at a time to help that Blogger doesn't kick me off!


Karen Beth said...

What cuties they are! I loved all of the pictures you posted today! :)

Carrie said...

Fun, fun! I am loving all of your photos!

That first one is my favorite! Love, love, love your little cutie!

Alice Teh said...

Very cute! The first one's my favourite too! :D

Christine said...

Ivy's a cutie. Glad you were able to get Blogger to co-operate and post all of them.

alisonwonderland said...

i love all your photos! fun, and touching. i'm glad you posted them.

i haven't been here for a few days, and you've posted a lot since then! i'm not feeling really well, so i'll come back tomorrow and read the rest!

have a good night!

Cathy said...

Kari! Your boy and your girl are both so beautiful!! What gorgeous babes!!!!

Love ya!