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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For Cath

1. Favorite TV show? Let's see, I about have a heart attack and cancel my whole life if there is a Law and Order Marathon on TNT or USA. Then I have all of seasons 1-5 of Gilmore Girls and my kids and I dance to the opening song. If I could buy another series it would be Alias or Sex and the City. I love to pretend that I am Miss Carrie Bradshaw/Sidney Bristow when things begin to feel dull. For a time, I loved 7th Heaven, which I thought was really odd. I LOVE watching Nigella Bites, or any Nigella show. And I've only seen one episode of Heroes, but I adore it.

2. Seen any good movies lately? If so, what? Hmmm. Lately. I liked Night at the Museum and was surprized that I liked it as much as I did. Charlotte's Web because Ivy was infatuated with the baby pigs, not so much because the movie was so great. Mostly I like movies that most people don't like. Musicals, foreign films. BUT, Chris and I agreed that the Prestige was one of our top 3 for this year. Slow at the beginning, then wham! You're like, What the hell is going on? And who couldn't love a movie with David Bowie?

3. Favorite album? What are you really in to right now? I am so into the disc that my brother created for my prom. Me and the kids have dance time about 5 times a day where we put on a song, then dance like crazy. There is a huge range. Just today we listened to "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees and "Tell Me When To Go" by E 40 (If you don't know the song, don't try to find it, because it is a little on the raunch side.) When I was preg. with Ivy I only listened to Erykah Badu. Then when she was little I was totally into a Lisa Loeb vein. (But who's kidding, I still love them both) I haven't been as reflective lately since Bec came and I lost my dad, I'm almost scared to listen to the radio for fear of a sentimental song. So I'm totally into books on CD. As far as a favorite album EVER? It would have to be Reba McEntire's My Kind of Country!


Cathy said...

You rock! OK, I loooove musicals, too... what are your favorites? My favorite of all time is Singin in the Rain, because I think Gene Kelly is the coolest ever!

I also love White Christmas (my sister and I sing that Sisters song a million times over and crack ourselves up)

Have a happy Thursday!
Love ya,

Karen Beth said...

Ohhhhhh.... I'm also a total sucker for a Law and Order marathon! Or a CSI marathon. I love either. :)