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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Marital Status Update

Back to Normal!

When Chris went to play pool on Friday with his dad, he said that he would only be gone a couple of hours. After I texted him my irritated message, you should have seen how fast he got his heinie home. Well under 2 hours and I was really happy about that. Ivy and I were crashed out in the living room but Bec was insane running around still. So, Daddy and son had some quality time at 1030pm.

We had another glitch on date night which is even too stupid to write about. Without details we got in a fight over his new Syrius radio stations. (I was in the right, of course!) Anyhow, I was mostly mad because we were fighting again on date night after we had made a "no fighting on date night" rule. I hate having to pay for a sitter when we aren't getting along.

Yesterday, once he got home from work, he got his dinner out of the oven. Sausage, peppers and pasta, which is one of his favorites. He then said, "Forget every thing I said yesterday." I said, "Oh, now everything is fine since I made one of your favorites!" He then said, "Yep." I swear men can be just like kids at times!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


MP2 said...

How bout posting your sausage, pepper, & pasta recipe? Sounds delicious!

Janean said...

Aww, KariAnne...just think of it this way. At least they are predictable! :D
The way to a mans heart...through his stomach.

Buttercup said...

I'm glad he came home swiftly after getting your text message.

My ex-bf and I tried a version of "date nights" on Wednesdays. It was a disaster b/c from then on we fought every Wednesday. I know your issue is completely different, but it just reminded me of that. I was just trying to make time for two of us, but he always had other things that were more important than us. His loss.

Mert said...

Men acting like kids...You ain't kidding lady! LOL!

Mine has an awful time apologizing, and when he does it sounds so patronizing, sometimes sounding something like " well, from my stand point, I don't feel like I said it that way/did anything wrong- but I am sorry.... I almost would rather he didn't now. Maybe that was his evil plan all along. Hmmm...?