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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Wondering & Adoption Card

I called my friend Karina's house today to see how all was going. I had to leave a message, but I thought that she might have been picking up her kindergartener.

Here it is, late, and still no reply call.

I'm wondering if we have a new set of twinnies yet! I'll let you know!

Today in the mail, I received a GORGEOUS adoption announcement from my friend Ang. And I mean gorgeous! Hand created and hand stamped along with a vellum covered picture with ribbon. Chris was so taken with little Sophia, while I was still drooling over the construction of the card! Once I got to her, I was a goner. She is a doll face. Ivy said, "So pretty Mommy" and Bec wanted to eat it but I saved it before it got all wet and mangled.

And listen to the sentiment:

We didn't give her the gift of life
but in our hearts we know
the love we feel is deep and real
as if it had been so

For us to have each other
is a dream come true, we're sure
No we didn't give her the gift of life
life gave us the gift of her



c said...

thats truly beautiful lines, karianne...


Mert said...

Wow, That stuff always makes me teary :O)

alisonwonderland said...

very, very nice!

my sister and her husband are starting the adoption process again (after the death of their first son from SIDS). btw i've got a reference letter i need to get written . . .

MP2 said...

"life gave us the gift of her"

I'm all tingle-y.