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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3 (I Think, But May Edit Later)

Thirteen Things That I Wish I Had Got Done Today

1. Met with Jenn and Lily to exchange gifts, but had to cancel since Bec had a
late nap, and now will have to find time to do it tomorrow. When???

2. Laundry. No explanation needed.

3. Shopped for something new for myself to raise my spirits

4. Made the bed. I love getting into a made bed at night. And didn't get a chance to do it today.

5. Finished my mom's Christmas ornament with the photo of the kids

6. Took a nap.

7. Took a leisurely bath with my new Somerset Studio that I got in the mail. There still may be time for this one.

8. Rearranged the kitchen. This one was a stretch in the first place, but I've got the itch to change things up.

9. Tried a new molasses cookie recipe that sounds wonderful

10. I wish that I wouldn't have eaten as many coconut cookies as I did. I'll give you all the recipe to sabotage you all as well!

11. I wish that I had given my Nana her totally cool bracelet that I bought her for Christmas today because I can barely contain myself on how great it turned out!!

12. Dropped off secret santa presents to my friend's daughter that I have been hauling around for over a week.

13. That I would've had the leisure time to sit around the SS office to get Bec's SSN so I can put him on my taxes this year and get that task that I've been DREADING off of my mind!


c said...

shopping is indeed a great spirit lifter :)


Christine said...

A nice Hot, relaxing bath sounds wonderful, but it will have to wait until after Christmas.
My laundry hasn't been done either.