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Friday, December 22, 2006

It's Time

Today it happened like I knew that it would. I was looking at the tree, after putting back the umpteenth ornament that Bec had taken down. And I thought, "I would love to start putting all of these away."

Our tree is a tad worse for wear with a 3 year old and a 14 month old. You can tell that it hasn't been watered properly and it is starting to droop a bit. It isn't a fire hazard yet, but will be in a week. There are needles on the tree skirt, around the floor and stuck to our socks. Does anyone vacuum those up? How do you take care of those things? I've been using the lint roller and it hasn't been the best tool for the job.

I'm the person that enjoys Christmas, and then wants it gone. Put away and out of sight until next year. I like to take my tree down Christmas night if possible, but normally I have to wait until the next day. Chris is the guy that likes the tree up through New Years. I'm not thinking that ours will last that long. I'm insisting this year.

This year I was enjoying the Christmas spirit a lot more than usual. I was wondering if I would be sad when it was over. But today I answered my own questions. I'll be ready to put Christmas 2006 to bed when the time comes.

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